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We had an amazing time I never thought I could reach the top! Gonzalo was amazing, and couraging + patient and we succede. I dont think we could have done it without him!!!
Samara Constable, Australia 10/06/15
Very happy with the service, equipment and meals.
Ryan Monagham, Australia 12/01/15
I have very much enjoyed the trip the guide as well as the people very fantastic. Thank you very much for a great time!
Chrishina Holmgruen, German, 15/11/14
I can't speak highly enough of our guides our chef and Climbing South America as a whole very professional and friendly staff.
Anonimous, 10/9/14
Macario was a great guide with awesome credentials, He took extra care with us ,He is a superb guide and we would definitly look him up for guide in the future. Thank you so much Macario!!!
Jhon Cavanagh, USA, 27/6/14
I felt really safe plus secure at all times. The food was excellent and the guides as well. Everybody was super friendly! I really enjoyed this trip! And there was no problem to extend my stay for 1 night. Thanks a lot!!!
Natali Boehm, Germany, 17/4/14
Unforgatable. Very happy with our guide Silverio
Oscar Sunbegeeds, Dutch 25/01/16
A great trip and a wonderful guides. Highly recommended it!!!
Graig, 6/10/15
Silverio was an excellent guide and got us to the summit. All staff were very frendly and helpful at all times.
Greg Mackay, U.K.
The food was amazing and the guides were very helpful.
James Linton, Australia 12/01/15