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Llullaillaco (6739m)

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I personal love this trip. We get to explore the Putre area in very north of Chile which has speculator scenery, with lakes, perfect snow capped volcanos, set on the high altiplano in the Luaca National Park. The program is designed to go high and sleep low which is the optical way to acclimatize. Also we will climb two smaller volcanos in the area which again is part of our acclimatizing for Llullailaco, After exploring and climbing in the north of Chile we head down south for a few easy rest days before heading up to Llullaillaco. Llullaillaco is remote mountain and doesn’t get climbed often. We will need to make two camps on the mountain to reach it’s summit, which has the highest archeological site in the world. A few Inca mummies where found in an ancient burial site. During this trip we will come across places of beauty and natural diversion in a high desert climate. From the summits we have 360 degree views beyond description.