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Transcordillera trek WEST SIDE, via Maria Lloco

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The first part of this trek is relative new as the area has been closed to tourism. As the area has been closed off for many years there is little development on this side. This Trans Cordillera is one of the lest popular treks in the Cordillera Real and you will almost walk from one end to the other, crossing several passes allowing you spectacular views of the Cordillera. You will see beautiful valleys, glacial lakes and wildlife and you will also have the opportunity to meet indigenous communities that are largely untouched by modern society. On this trek we will mainly stay on the west side of the Cordillera real. The reason this area has been closed to tourism, is mainly due to the local communities in the area. Over the last few years the people have come upon agreement to work with tourism to help supplement there income. They are mainly guiding and using there mules for transport of equipment.