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The Mapiri is widely recognized as one of the toughest hikes in Bolivia. It was built 150 years ago to transport valuable rubber from the lower Amazon up to La Paz from where it could be exported. It was tough in it’s day but now it’s rare usage makes it even more of a challenge. This trip will take us through a beautiful and remote region of Bolivia, from the Cordillera Real, through the Yungas - a transition ecosystem between the dry Andes and the humid Amazon Basin - and then down into the cloud forest. We will begin our adventure in the village of Sorata, drive up and over the pass of Abra Chuchu (4658m), and descend past the Illampu massif. Most of the trek follows the same mountain ridge for 7 days, offering fabulous views across the mountains and forests below for the first few days before thick forest closes in. Finally we will arrive in the scenic village of Mapiri, which will be the first settlement we will have passed since leaving Yani.