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Climbing Huayna Potosi (6088m) 2 days

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Bolivia´s Most Popular climb Huayna Potosi (6088m) is northeast of La Paz in the Cordillera Real and is known as one of the easiest 6000m plus mountains to climb in the world. Deservedly one of Bolivia’s most popular climbs and after just one hour of driving and 3 hours of walking you will be at the high camp. Huayna Potosi can be climbed by complete beginners, and provides amazing views of the Cordillera Real, Lake Titicaca (3810m) and the Altiplano (4000m). If hoping to climb higher mountains in the area, Huayna Potosi is a good starter! The two day climb is better for people with some experince and are well acclimaitized.


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