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Argentina is the largest country in Spanish speaking America. While it’s east is composed of the vast grassy pampas, riverine regions and the Atlantic seaboard, the West and Northwest is dominated by the mighty Andes mountain range which provides a natural border with Chile. The central Western province of Mendoza has a winning combination of the highest mountain in the Americas, Aconagua and some of the continents finest vineyards. And the northwest has some of the least visited treasures in the Andes, from salt plains to remote mountain villages. Both politically and economically Argentina is recognized as one of the continents most volatile countries with a history characterized by booms that made it one of the world’s richest nations to busts like the crash in 2001 that almost wiped out the middle class. But fortunately this volatility also makes it an incredibly exciting destination with stadiums full of wildly passionate football fans, soulful tango dancehalls and a friendly welcome wherever you go.