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Really professional operation, the kit was excellent, food good and the guides were first class, They were experienced, very friendly and always wanting to help.
Tom Eaton, UK 30/10/15
It was a wonderful trip in the mountain for someone who had never tried it. Sufficient food and good global conditions made this trip unforgetable !!!
Ayed Ibrahim, Tumisian 31/07/15
We enjoyed the 3 days trip tu¡o Huayna Potosi. It was amazing but also very hard. Thanks a lot to our guides!!!!!
Lydia Bucher, Suiza 11/02/15
Amazing views, good guides + great experience. Good gear
Stephanos Florentiades, British, 25/11/14
Excellent guides, great communication and assistance. The equipment was all really good quality and kept us very warm! Great trip!!!
Bree, Australian, 30/9/14
It was a very nice trip and I enjoyed, all the help provided bay Climbing South America!!! Julio is excellent guide, and Ana is excellent organiser and a pleacent person to talked to, Enrique is an experience driver with possitive attitude and provided me with fantastic Salteñas.
Pavel Turner, 15/7/14
We have had a great experience! Your agency has all the details right, the information before was excellent nd made us chooseyour agency.
Anlon Engelsue, Holand, 15/4/14
The guides were very friendly and helped a lot with equipments and training session. These were always food coming it was tasty. Equipments worked well.
Teo Tarri, Finland 01/03/16
Fantastic guides and organisational display. I would recommend C. S. A. to anyne.
Mark Johnson, UK 30/10/15
Very good guide! He adapt the speed to make sure that we arrive at the top! The cooker was also very good! Thanks!
Charles Vander Linden, Belgian 28/07/15