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I really enjoyed this trip. It was phisically challenging but very worth it. The guides were great, very helpful + friendly.
Louisse, Irish, 29/10/14
This 3 days trip was amazing. The ice climbing practice was a lot of fun and a good way ti fill an aftenoon in the cold mountains.
Tiffany Desachy, French, 6/9/14
thank you we had a great time!
Eric Funk, Swiss, 24/6/14
Overall the service was excellent and exactly what I wanted. I will be happy to recomend Climbing South America to fellow travellers and tourist.
Thomas Wood, British, 6/4/2014
Andres was awesome !!! 10/10 :)
Rosie Walters, Australian 5/01/16
Very good experience! Our guide was absolutely great, like all his brothers!!! With such a guide, you can´t miss the top !!!
Bardon, French 9/9/15
Macario was an excellent guide very attentive and got us to the top!!! Enjoyed the trip in particular would definitly recommend to others.
Abigail Tye, British 02/05/15
Professional guidance that helped us make it to the summit. Thanks!!
Kart Jackson, Autralia 1/1/15
Really enjoyed the trip, guide were excellent, very professional. Hot water and selection of teas was excellent.
Johnny Brennam, Irish, 29/10/14
We had a really amazing trip. Quality of guiding of Agustin. The food was also really good!.
Desachy Guillaume, French, 6/9/14