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Very good people working on this tour, was so good fun. Excellent!
Marilen Wittensoldres, Suiss 8/4/14
Great tour with excellent guides and cook! The tour was tailored to our wishes and especially designed for us. That was real great. The Cordillera Real were beautiful, off the beaten path and not the typical tourist attraction. Also the climb of Huayna Potosi was extremely professional, safe and tailored to our speed. Awesome tour.
Natalie Pilling, Germany 8/4/14
Had a great trip. the guides are excellent.
Mark Walker, English 8/4/14
Wonderful days from day 1 to the summit, thanks a lot!
Beat Rechsteiner, Suiss, 8/4/14
Finally we reached the Tuichi. It was again here that I was reminded how incredibly at home these guides really are in this network of vines trees valley and rivers. You need a cool head whilst plunging down grade four rapids on a rubber tire raft held together with ropes and branches, and a cool head is exactly what they had – along with a hand-carved wooden oar, beaming smiles and endless banter.
guided by 360 Expeditions, July 2012
"With Jeff, Carlos, Pedro, Ricardo and Pat we did not only have a brilliant and hard-working crew and responsible guides, but found real friends"
Kobler & Partner, Switzerland 2011
“A big thanks to Jeff, that organized us this mountaineering tour perfectly and led us to incredible beautiful places.”
Ursula Kasteler, Chile trip 2005
I climbed Illimani with Climbing South America, based in La Paz just last week and I can say this is a wonderful mountain to climb. Not technically very difficult but fairly exposed in certain areas. Even the drive from La Paz is an epic - some 3.5 hours to Pinaya, from there the usual 3 night 4 day ascent begins.
Richard Browning“Ascent of Illimani -21.10.2013”
It was the best experience of my South America travel. Thank you so much guides and couh. Perfect!!!
Wilhelan Leasemann, German 2/04/16
Thanks to our guide Agustin who help us to go to the top of Huayna Potosi. Such a great experience !!! We were a group of 10 and we all made it to the top! Very good food as well and good quantities.
Ragot Marlene, Francesa 6/11/15