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List Tour Guide

  • Jeff Sandifort (Guide)

    Jeff has had a lifelong passion for climbing and exploration of all sorts. Born in Australia he qualified as a mineralogist before realizing that climbing up rocks was much more interesting than digging down to look for them. (saying that, he still maintains a firm knowledge and interest in minerals). Jeff then made it his business to travel the world climbing challenging peaks from Pakistan to New Zealand, his experience leading him to work as a guide. He first arrived in South America in 1995 as a backpacker seeking adventure in the remote peaks and jungles of the continent. Strategically locating himself in Bolivia at the centre of the continent, Jeff has now made the country his home and the base of Climbing South America. He is happily with his Bolivian wife Giovanna and has 2 daughters Nathalia and Kailah.

  • Edward Unzueta (Guide)

    Eduardo was introduced to rock climbing and mountaineering at a very young age in the Bolivian Andes, a baptism of fire which inspired a 25 year love affair with climbing.  His passion has taken him on expeditions to Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and the French Alps. Eduardo could never imagine any better job than working as a mountain guide. He continuously strives to improve his technique and qualifications and has earned the certification of International Mountain Guide with UIAGM, one of a select few in Bolivia to achieve this level. Eduardo has an easygoing charm with clients and is always ready help with anything. He also speaks a good level of English.

  • Julio Choque (Guide)

    Julio comes from a village on a popular tourist trek called the Choro Trail, at the base of the Andean mountains. When he was young he would help with these groups, portering or cooking. Eventually he started guided these trekking trips. After a few years he relished his passion was in the mountains. He slowly worked his way up the ranks from Porter to mountain guide, with International certification with the UIAGM. We are lucky to have Julio on our team, as he is sought after by many agency’s. This is because of his relax approach and safety skills with clients and staff.

  • Pablo Borjas (Guide)

    Pablo was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Since childhood Pablo has been a passionate of the mountains. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology (Central University of Venezuela) and a Diploma in Adventure Guide from the Thompson Rivers University in Canada. Founding member of the Venezuelan Association of Instructors and Mountain Guides (AVIGM). Member of the first expedition of “Project Summit” from Venezuela, which climbed Ama Dablam (6.856 m) in the Himalayas Nepal, in 1993. With over 14 years of experience, from national to international expeditions he climbed in Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Canada and the USA. Pablo has almost finish UIAGM/IFMGA Mountain Guide certification. Once completed he will be the first Venezuelan to possess an international mountain guide certification. Pablo has an easy approach feel and is patience and tranquil. He speaks Spanish and speaks a high level of English.

  • Ricardo Lazo (Guide)

    Ricardo has been working for Climbing South America since 2004 as lead guide or assistant guide while under the supervision of our more experienced guides. He is qualified to lead groups, manage trips and is a dab hand at preparing a delicious meal at the end of a long day. Ricardo has undertaken all the treks in the Cordillera Real several times, making him one of the most experienced guides around at leading groups through these remote mountain and jungle regions. Steady as a rock with an open and friendly disposition, Ricardo inspires confidence and friendship in those who travel with him.

  • Enrique Galva (Driver)

    Enrique started with Climbing South America at the being of 2013 as our principle driver. He holds a professional class license and over the last year we have been teaching Enrique the finer details of controlling a 4x4 on rough roads. last year he traveled almost all of Bolivia and the north of Chile. Relax personality makes him easy to talk to and all ways ready to give a hand even when not needed. He’s polite and ready for an adventure!

  • Giovanna Perez (Legal representative)

    Giovanna studied law at the USAM university in La Paz Bolivia and has worked her way up to the level of doctoral. She worked in several government departments as boss ofher section which dealt with the Political boundaries for the state of La Paz. She now has a family, and as a mother keeps her pretty busy. She still finds time to work and help with legal documents for Climbing South America. Her vast knowledge and experience is a great asset for the team at Climbing South America, as there never seems to be a end of paper work in Bolivia! Giovanna has a good level of English and her friendless always welcome, with helping and organizing logistics for our tours.

  • Ana Paricollo (Secretary)

    Ana came to work for Climbing South America back in 2010 as Secretary for our office. Ana spend 7 years living and working in England before moving back to Bolivia where she started working for Climbing South America. She has a high level of English making it easy to communicate with tourists. Over the last few years she has been learning the different trips, giving her better knowledge of the different areas and trips we have on offer. She very polite and doesn’t mind going out of her way to help you with your questions!